Spring 2013
Jan 24Lucas WagnerQMC for high-Tc superconductorsMRL 1003
Jan 31Tomo Yamada (Hirata G)MP2 for grapheneMRL 1003
Feb 7Tomo Yamada (Hirata G)Coulomb and exchange lattice sum accelerationNoyes Library Conference Room
Feb 18Shiwei ZhangComputing electron correlation effects: An auxiliary-field perspectivePhysics Departmental Seminar
Feb 19All hands meeting
Feb 20Garnet ChanImpacts of quantum information in quantum chemistryChemistry Departmental Seminar
Feb 28Matt Hermes (Hirata G)Diagrammatic Green's function theories for anharmonic vibrationsNoyes Library Conference Room
Mar 7Group discussionFCIQMC, PIMC, etc.Noyes Library Conference Room
Mar 28Shinsei RyuDMRGNoyes Library Conference Room
Apr 4Huihuo Zheng (Wagner G)First-principles study of metal-insulator transition in VO2Noyes Library Conference Room
Apr 18Garnet ChanConceptual landscape of quantum many-particle systems INoyes Library Conference Room
Apr 25Garnet ChanConceptual landscape of quantum many-particle systems IINoyes Library Conference Room
May 2Hitesh Chaglani (Ceperley-Ryu-Wagner G)DMRG, tensor networks, QMC, spin liquids, etc.Noyes Library Conference Room
May 9PI meetingNoyes Library Conference Room
Fall 2013
Sep 3So HirataFast two-electron integrals and Monte Carlo MPESB 3110
Sep 17Lucas WagnerESB 3110
Oct 1Shiwei ZhangESB 3110
Oct 15Shinsei RyuESB 3110
Oct 29Garnet ChanESB 3110
Nov 12David CeperleyESB 3110
Dec 3Peter AbbamonteESB 3110
Spring 2014
Feb 13PI meetingReadyTalk
Feb 27Bryan ClarkTBD
Mar 13Matt Hermes (Hirata G)Tomonaga-Luttinger theory surveyTBD
Apr 10Lucas WagnerTBD
Fall 2014
Sep 11Lucas WagnerSciDAC-3 meeting & QMC on doped cuprateMRL 1003
Sep 22Habib NajmUncertainty quantification & QUEST InstituteRAL 33
Oct 8So HirataGeneral-order many-body Green's function methodMRL 1003
Oct 23Shinsei RyuMetrics of topological insulatorsMRL 1003
Nov 6Bryan ClarkNew path-integral QMCMRL 1003
Nov 20Shiwei ZhangOverhauser's theoremMRL 1003
Dec 4Garnet ChanHigh-Tc superconductivityMRL 1003
Spring 2015
Feb 2So HirataGrid-based explicitly correlated MP2ESB 3110
Feb 16Hitesh ChanglaniDensity-matrix based way for discovering order in interacting systemsESB 3110
Mar 30Lucas WagnerDownfolding from ab initio QMCESB 3110
Apr 13Shiwei ZhangESB 3110
Apr 27Bryan ClarkESB 3110
Fall 2015
Oct 2So HirataIs diffusion Monte Carlo MP2 possible?Supercon 1003
Oct 16So HirataIs diffusion Monte Carlo MP2 possible? (cont'd)Supercon 1003
Oct 30Huihuo Zheng (Wagner G)Long-range electron correlation in grapheneSupercon 1003
Nov 13Dr. Prashant Raj (SNL)Low-rank decomposition of PESSupercon 1003
Dec 3Dr. James Shepherd (MIT)Finite-temperature HEGSupercon 1003
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